....so much more than "just a disco!"

18th and 21st Birthday Party at Buxted Park Hotel

Great fun with some serious tunes were played at the joint 18th and 21st Birthday Party for Francesca and Max at Buxted Park Hotel. With Max, Francesca and the family all having different music tastes, this was from the start going to be an evening of diverse music! Throughout the night we covered 70’s Disco,…
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Mattocks Wedding Reception Disco, Horsted Place

It was a blistering summer’s evening (nearly 30 degrees!!) at the lovely Horsted Place, where Heidi and Zak danced the night away to celebrate their marriage.  We had been planning their evening reception disco (along with some help from Heidi’s mum!) for about a year……  music they liked …….music they didn’t!  From their magical first…
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So, what’s the difference?

There are lots and lots and lots of Disco companies out there all offering the best disco ever, so whats the differences between them? The part-time DJ – has a ‘proper job’ and gigs in the evenings and weekends to earn some extra money and because they enjoy it The full-time DJ – loves it…
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