Amazing Wedding at Sprivers Mansion, Kent much more than "just a disco!"

Amazing Wedding at Sprivers Mansion, Kent

Sprivers Mansion

Ceremony Music & Evening Disco

Aude & Roddy Gabell

10th May 2019


Weddings are all about the coming together of two families, a time for happiness and celebration.  Sprivers Mansion in Kent provided the perfect backdrop for not only the members of two different families, but also two different countries as Aude’s family come from France and Roddy’s family from England.    I was fortunate enough to help Aude and Roddy with various bits and bobs throughout the day (PA hire, music co-ordination for the Drinks Reception out on the front lawn, a separate system for the marquee and of course the Evening Reception disco, and although I wasn’t providing my Master of Ceremonies service, I was there to provide a bit of support and guidance for the Best Man and his trusty Groomsmen….. of which at least some spoke French!


As Aude and Roddy arrived having tied the knot at Brenchley Church the sun came out and everybody was able to relax and bask in the typical English spring day.  There was even a Spitfire mapping out the skies overhead, which when considering that Roddy has a thing about Spitfires just made the whole afternoon that little bit more memorable.


Just prior to the Wedding Breakfast Aude & Roddy mixed things up a bit by not only throwing the Bouquet for the single ladies, but Roddy also decided to do something for all those single men….  not a traditional Garter Toss but using Rugby balls instead!!   Not just one….. but two!  Of course, one in English colours and one in French colours.   The lucky Englishman catching the English rugby ball winning – a bottle of French champagne!  And of course, the lucky Frenchman catching the French rugby ball winning a bottle of English sparkling wine!   What a fantastic way to bring a unique twist to this multi-cultural wedding.


The Wedding Breakfast was a culinary delight prepared by Russell and his team from The Kitchen of Kent (, Scallops. Beef Bourguignon and of course lots of (smelly! 🙂 ) cheese…..  all accompanied by fine French wine chosen to complement each course.   The pièce de résistance was the Croquembouche which Russell presented direct from the kitchen with an array of flames jetting out like a veritable firework display!


This brings us nicely to the Evening Reception.  Savage Garden, Truly Madly Deeply marked the First Dance for which Aude and Roddy had learnt an amazing and emotive dance routine.  From that point until the very last dance, Aude and Roddy’s guests kept the dancefloor literally jumping up and down to the tunes from 70’s to date from both French and English charts.


Aude and Roddy left at the end of the night underneath a shower of golden sparkles, with a head full of wonderful memories marking the day were joined by all their friends and family who helped them celebrate the day they became man and wife.