Celia’s 60th Birthday Party

....so much more than "just a disco!"

Celia’s 60th Birthday Party

Birthday Disco

Amazing Party celebrating Celia’s 60th Birthday


For someone with a trade such as mine, when every party is different, and each party also depends on so many factors outside of my control i.e.

  • weather,
  • mood of the guests,
  • how much they need to drink before they come and dance and
  • how many smokers are there (although this is becoming a bit of a dying habit now – ‘scuse the pun!

one of the ways that i can ascertain as to whether or not I really have managed to please my customers and their extended friends and family, is if I am recommended onwards.


Five years ago was lucky enough to be the DJ for Hannah and Adam, Celia’s daughter and son-in-law, and since then, Hannah and Adam have been kind enough to recommend me to everyone they know who needs a disco.

So it really was a great pleasure to provide the disco for Celia to mark the occasion of her 60th Birthday.

The pictures say it all really! They came, they danced, they drank, and they danced some more!! The night started with a bang and ended to chants of “one more song, one more song…”, and the following morning I awoke to a lovely email saying:

“Neil – I cannot thank you enough for making my party rock last night – you just smashed it and I will always remember my 60th Party as being one of the best times of my life.
I look forward to seeing you at my 70th 🙈- and hopefully before!”

The honour was definitely all mine that night, to help Celia celebrate her 60th was a pleasure, and like Hannah and Adams wedding some five years beforehand, is a night I will remember for years to come. Thank You Celia for letting me be part of your celebrations.


Here are just a few moments that I managed to capture throughout the night…..