Beautiful Brighton Wedding at Harbour Hotel much more than "just a disco!"

Beautiful Brighton Wedding at Harbour Hotel

Brighton Wedding

Amy & Sean Banks

(Master of Ceremonies & Disco)


Who would have thought that in February we would have bright blue skies and temperatures hitting 16 degrees!  So, where better to celebrate the marriage of the new Mr & Mrs Banks than on Brighton seafront and the Brighton Harbour Hotel.   I was helping throughout the day as Master of Ceremonies and throughout the evening reception as DJ with the Odyssey Wedding Disco.

As guests arrived at the hotel, it was evident that Amy and Sean had some wonderful friends and family who would go on and help to create some amazing memories that Amy and Sean would treasure forever.   Everyone’s spirits were high in anticipation for the main event that was yet to come.

Throughout the day it was a pleasure to work with Neil Shaw ( who Amy and Sean had chosen to record those all important shots plus capture the essence of the day so that in the years to come, Amy and Sean can look back sparking some wonderful memories.  Neil was the consummate professional taking the same view that I always do that all the suppliers should and need to work together to ensure that the day that Amy and Sean (OK, Amy!) has been planning for years, runs as smoothly as possible…… and where possible, any blips go undetected by the happy couple.

Just before the Wedding Breakfast I sent Amy and Sean up to their room for 10 minutes “You Time”.  Despite everyone telling them that ‘time will fly’, it was already 4pm and they really did feel as though their feet hadn’t touched the ground!  This is so true, and with so much going on, you will inevitably miss bits too.  So, Wedding Tip #1) Take time out.    There are very few times in the day when you will actually be able to talk to each other without someone else i.e. Parents, Bridal Party, Photographer, Great Aunt Ethel etc. So, having even just 10 minutes in peace and quiet will really make all the difference.  A chance to simply say “Hi” a chance to create your own, unique memory marker that only you will share.   This leads me onto my Wedding Tip #2) Don’t skimp on your wedding photographer.  They are there to capture the essence and memories of your wedding day, from all the stuff you will see to absolutely loads of antics and laughter that you didn’t!

The Wedding Breakfast soon passed and made way for the speeches.  The speeches are usually something that those listening to look forwards to, and those making them ….. don’t!  However, all three speakers really did themselves proud.  Amy’s father welcomed everyone and thoroughly enjoyed regaling guests with some stories and anecdotes from Amy’s younger days, Sean covered all the bases with the usual “thank you” messages however, he had one other really important duty to perform – announce whether he and Amy were having a boy or a girl…….. and no, i won’t be spoiling that surprise if you weren’t there!!  Which lead us nicely onto Brett and his Best Man speech….  Sean had very nicely ‘bigged’ up Brett and I must say, he did not disappoint.  As you can imagine I hear many speeches from Best Men, and Brett’s hit the spot with everyone…….

A chance to relax again as the room was turned around ready for the evening reception party.   Amy & Sean had used my online music planner to choose all the music that they wanted throughout the whole day.  The online guests request system was also there for all their guests to login and choose the music that was going to get them up and dancing…… and dance they did!  From start to finish, to the point that they could dance no more in some cases!!

I loved every minute of this wedding, from the very first time I met Amy and Sean for our initial planning meeting as an engaged couple, to watching them walk out  of the Marine Room as the new Mr & Mrs Banks.  Thank you for for letting me play a small part in your big day.   Wishing you both every happiness for the future.


Venue:  Brighton Harbour Hotel

Photographer: Neil Shaw Photography